About Us

John Huffstetler

We are a family owned and operated business with over 65 years of travel experience.  John Huffstetler, President of Kannapolis Charter & Tours, Inc., has been planning educational field trips for schools for 40 years.  “I have seen a lot of changes in the past decade and now is the greatest time to offer educational tours to the next generation. There are so many new and exciting programs offered to educated and open a whole new world of travel experiences for students. Kannapolis Tours is a company that emphasizes quality at an affordable price.   Our clients are family to us and we go to extreme measures to assure a unique and memorable experience.  There is no better feeling to us as when we meet a young adult who tells us that they remember their middle school field trip and it was the best ever. This says a lot when you have that kind of impact on someone. We look forward to working with educators in planning such life changing experiences for their students.

Gail Huffstetler

Our commitment to quality and personal relationships will make Kannapolis Tours the right choice for teachers and educators throughout the great state of North Carolina.